A new Beginning

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It's been a long long time of personal trials that have forced me to shut down my business after it barely had started. Just for Colors became quiet for almost a year now, I was physically and emotionally not able to keep up with the demands of marketing. I kept my website, but shut down my store and sold individually and privately when I got the chance. 

I have to make a choice, do I give up or do I start again? And I decided, I start again! I don't know how successful it will be, I don't know if I can do it, I just know I have to take one step at a time if I want to make it. Have I ever believed in my product? Yes, with all my heart, I gave it everything. Have I lost everything? Yes, I have but nothing can take my vision, nothing can take my hopes and dreams. 

Success doesn't come easy and some mountains are hard to climb, trials are a part of our life here on earth, and some circumstances just demand different actions.

Sometimes we have to lay it all down, let it rest and when the time comes we can look at the pieces and learn from their brokenness. Some we might pick up again, some might never be used again, but like Phoenix out of the ashes, we can always arise and soon we will fly like the eagle in the sky, above the storms of life, with a victorious shout of freedom, with outstretched wings gliding with the wind.

The pieces I will pick up again are my website, my facebook account and my instagram. The e-store will not yet be opened, but I can be contacted over social media and email if there is an interest in my product. I have played the game too long, it destroyed me, with no success just taken advantage of a dream, making false hopes and promises...just to realize when it all falls down you are on your own to see how fast so called business partners can run when things don't turn out the way they predicted... 

You might think why is she posting this? I don't know, maybe to show that we all are people, people that have visions, people that have shattered dreams, people that are believing in the goodness of man. Whatever it is we are facing, I want you to know, there is always hope and sometimes it might even only be a glimmer of light, but that light can be enough to ignite a new spark.

I want to light up that darkness in life with colors and want to start a new beginning...



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