My Vision for Just for Colors! A Rainbow of Hope!

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Hi there!

After introducing myself and let you all know who I am and why I decided to open this business, in this blog I would like to talk about the vision for Just for Colors. Just for Colors is determined to offer high quality in a long lasting product. Without compromising quality I want to offer an affordable product. I am tired of seeing over prized products in the stores made cheaply in China, leggings that will fall apart after just a few wash and wears. I want my clothes to last for a long time, specially when I pay the higher prize. But today quantity has replaced quality for a high profit margin that benefits only some overpaid CEO.

I am tired of seeing that the costumer always has to compromise quality. We pay for stuff that doesn't last just so we come back and buy more. We do it because we have no choice. When we want high quality we pay an enormous price tag but we still don't have a guarantee that the item we buy lasts.

It's my personal goal that I do not want to compromise quality for my own personal gain. I want to keep my product real for real women with fabric and design made at home. We do assemble our leggings in Costa Rica to keep the price affordable, but all our materials are made in USA. 

My vision is to support nonprofit organizations with 10% of every legging that has been sold. In times when we face disaster, when we face tragedies, when we just need to help! I want to make a difference in this world with Just for Colors. I want to bring color into peoples life, a rainbow of hope.

Just for Colors is built entirely upon faith and believing that we come into a market with an excellent product that can make a difference in women's life. But I promise that every sold legging will contribute to a higher cause.  Together we stand strong and together we can make a difference for many people when we give hope.  


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