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Hello there, welcome to my blog.

This is Just for Colors. A brand new small business in a market of giants that focuses not just on leggings but on colorful cotton leggings for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, providing ultimate quality and comfort in a cotton legging that can be worn in everyday life as well as for your yoga class and active lifestyle. 

My name is Anja Sutcliffe, I'm a mom, a former teacher, a dog lover, a cat lover and a nature lover. I grew up in Germany, lived in the Swiss Alps before I moved to the Florida Beaches. I love the snow as well as the tropics. I just love nature. Get me to the beach or to the mountains, to the top of the world or at sea level, I either do it right or I don't do it at all, when I start a project I stick with it no matter what. Just for Colors is my life project and a vision that grew in my heart for many years, but with a lot of things in life it had to wait for its right moment in time.  

I had my daughter late in life, I chose to be a stay at home mom, didn't want to miss a precious day of her life. Now the elementary years are over and it is time for me to find a new challenge, a different way to express my passion. I always liked sewing, knitting, fabrics,...I love to create new patterns, new designs and  I just love colors. I mean, I REALLY LOVE COLORS. Colors are the fabric of my life. I do see colors differently and don't just want to see black in my leggings...I love colors.

I always loved leggings, leggings for everyday and everything. During my teens and twenties, oh let me see, somewhere in the 80's and 90's, when leggings first came out, I lived in them. I had many pairs in many different colors and I had them in COTTON. That's right, cotton leggings where available back than. This stopped in the early 2000, colorful cotton leggings became a rear thing in the stores. All I received where petty looks from associates who never knew that a thing like cotton leggings had been a thing in the late last millennium.

For the last 15 years I could not find a pair of leggings that I actually fit my style and needs. I am one of these people that cannot wear polyester, so everything that comes in contact with my skin should be cotton or other natural fibers. Finding leggings for me is impossible!! And for years I was complaining, for we all know they make them for kids, but why can't they just make them for us?

Now leggings were making a huge comeback and I was so excited thinking somebody out there should be enlightened enough and bring cotton leggings back, well guess what, nobody did!! Finally I simply had enough, I took it on myself to bring a pair of leggings on the market that is different from all these polyester/nylon leggings and all these black and grey's out there. I knew it is risky, I knew it was a huge leap of faith but I also knew if I actually ever want to wear leggings again I probably have to make them myself. And in talking with other woman, I was not alone. Many of us love to wear cotton and are tired of the poor quality in leggings that are readily available for a ridiculous price tag. Who on earth wants to pay over a $100,- for a pair of leggings? And I know people do, because the industry is demanding it. Leggings are everywhere, cotton leggings are nowhere. 

My quality standard is high! I want quality, I want no-see-through, I want a form fitting shape that is flattering but doesn't squeeze me like a sausage, I want colors, I want patterns, I want my leggings to last forever, I want them to go through the wash over and over again without shrinking, bleeding, pilling or loosing their form, colors and texture and I want leggings that do not pull down with every move.  I want them in the washer and the dryer every day, because I want to wear them every day.

Even finding fabric that stood up to my expectations seemed difficult. So we finally decided, we custom engineer our own fabric in colors and design made in USA. I needed to design a waistband that actually fits my expectations. A waistband that is form fitting and flattering at the same time and doesn't make my pants slide down. Who wants to constantly pull up their pants when you are out there with your kids on the playground, your dog in the park, running your morning errands or even at your yoga class? With that in mind I went to work and 9 months later, I ended up with an excellent product that I introduce to you as Just for Colors... cotton leggings that are different, cotton leggings that are fun and of the highest quality.

My business baby was born two months ago and I found that marketing is a difficult task, feeding the market costs countless sleepless nights in an ever changing social media world and reaching customers is not easy... But I have hope that we will soon see a good functioning store that will proof its quality.

See for your self, check out my website or access us through or Instagram @justforcolors.

Just for Colors, the brand with the Starfish. Tell us what you think and get involved....

Anja Sutcliffe with Billy Sutcliffe,

Founders of 



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