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What is Just for Colors?! 

I love colors! Colors make my life colorful, diverse and fun.

I love cotton! Cotton makes my life comfortable and lets my skin breath.

I love leggings! I love to wear them all day long. In the morning when I walk my dog, at lunchtime when I go about my daily routine, going to the grocery store or taking a bike ride to the beach. I love to wear them in the afternoon playing with the kids, at nighttime strolling down the Avenue or simply lounging at home watching my favorite show… I want leggings that accompany me throughout my day, leggings I can wear for work and play, from dawn to dusk in everyday life.

The world of cotton leggings for women is bleak! Black and gray and more black. If you want color, all you find is polyester, nylon and more polyester. Have you ever asked yourself why that is?  Why do I have to wrap my legs in plastic to have colorful style? Why can I only have black, when I want cotton?

For years I searched for leggings that are colorful and comfortable and most important, made of cotton --- without success. Finally, I decided there is only one solution, I have to make them myself.

Just for Colors is based just upon that, colors in the fabric we love, soft, comfortable, breathable cotton in unique designs and brilliant colors.

I created this business with the everyday woman in mind, like you and me, the modern day woman that loves, colors, comfort and style. 

Based out of sunny Florida, where life is a mix of everything fun and beach life, Just for Colors comes to you in brilliant colors and tropical designs. Whether taking a walk at the beach, taking a bike ride, walking your dog, window shopping on the promenade or going out to have a bite to eat, dressed in our colorful leggings, your legs will feel like they are on vacation.

You want to wear leggings that you can dress up and dress down; with heels, flats or sneakers, long flattering tunics or casual shirts; with natural fiber, and easy comfort that makes you feel good about yourself.

Feel the Comfort of Cotton with just a Stretch of Lycra in the Colors you Love. The new style of Everyday Leggings for Everyday Life!

If you’re looking for colorful fun in your wardrobe and want to send your legs on vacation, Just for Colors is just for you! So, step with me, out of the bleak world of blacks and grays, into the world of Just for Colors, where colors, cotton and comfort is key!

Anja Sutcliffe

Founder of 

Just for Colors












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