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What's inside the fabric? What's the origin of our fabric?

What makes us different from any other legging company?

Just for Colors is founded by one women with a vision. Out of personal need I have made it my mission to offer the best cotton leggings on the planet, best in color, best in style and absolute best in comfort and quality. Just for Colors has been founded with a high personal sacrifice and is a vision and a dream that cotton will find it's way back into women's wear. 

Disappointed by todays low quality offered in leggings, even at a high price tag, I want to make it my personal mission to offer the best cotton leggings on the market for an affordable price. My personal interest was triggered by the inability to wear Polyester/Nylon clothing, with my love for leggings and with the inability to find quality colorful cotton leggings anywhere on the market.

With that in mind I started to design my own leggings just to find that even the available colorful cotton fabric does not live up to my standards. I want cotton that is flexible, breathable, colorfast, doesn't bleed, pill or shrink, is soft and comfortable with enough stability to keep it's shape and does not show what's underneath so I can wear my favorite panties with ease. I also need it to be able to withstand the washer and dryer on high temperatures even to the point of putting the fabric through the allergy/sanitizer cycle. To find all these qualities in todays market is mostly impossible with fabric that is mainly produced and manufactured in China.

Just for Colors Textile and Design MADE IN USA!!  

I want my Textile made in USA, I don't want to import my products from China to have a cheap production line that will show in low quality and low standard. With that in mind I started searching... for quality, cotton fabric made to live up to my expectations. Now I can proudly say that my fabric originates and is made completely in the USA, down to the last fiber.  

To keep the stretch, I had to make a synthetic compromise with a certain amount of Lycra. But my goal is to keep the highest cotton content as possible in a highly flexible 4way-stretch. I also was looking for a mid weight fabric to assure that nothing will be revealed what's underneath. 

Our cotton fabric is made  exclusively for Just for Colors. The cotton is grown in the USA, the Lycra is made here as well. It is printed and dyed in the USA to assure highest quality including colorfastness and non-shrinking abilities. The  solid colors and multi colored designs  are exclusively selected by Just for Colors. These leggings can be washed in the machine on recommended warm temperatures, but are able to withstand higher temperatures with ease.  

Why is our waistband so different?

The 'Perfect-Fit' wide waistband design is only available by Just for Colors. It is ours exclusive and it is specifically designed with a women's body in mind, to cradle our hips and conform to our individual shape. The mid-rise hip hugging design in Just for Colors Cotton Leggings combined with a 3/4 non-roll elastic, gives it a  unique form fitting stability that is not found in any other legging on the market today. It keeps your leggings where they belong and is extremely comfortable. You never have to pull up your leggings  over and over again for these leggings simply stay in place.   

Do these leggings last?

The myth that synthetic fabric last longer is well, a myth, considering that synthetic fabrics are relatively new compare to sustainable fabrics that have been around for centuries. Nylon/Polyester fabrics that are commonly used in todays leggings are not able to withstand high temperatures in the machines, they absorb color fast but yet often bleed in the wash or fade in the sun. They easily pull threads and can start pilling. A common complaint is also that many of these leggings self destruct after just a few months of wear and tear and develop an undesirable odor. 

How colorfast is the fabric?

With Just for Colors cotton leggings you don't have to worry about any of this. The fabric will not bleed in the washing machine into other fabric. How do I know that? Very simple, I washed them all together with white shirts on a high temperature wash cycle. The shirt is still white and the leggings still look the same. I don't need special sport detergent to get the smell out and I don't have to sort my laundry by fabric. Just be sure you don't use bleach, bleach bleaches anything and color will fade faster.   

Do these leggings shrink?

No, these leggings are designed that they do not shrink! I have zero shrinking even with countless washing and drying in the machines.  

What stink!? Our Leggings don't stink!!!

NO, Cotton Leggings do not STINK !!!!! Unlike Polyester and Nylon that is commonly used in todays leggings and athletic wear, cotton will not harbor the stench that so many women are complaining about. A stench that stays even after the wash and even if you use expensive special sport detergent. The odor develops in synthetic fabric where sweat and body oils get trapped in the moisture wicking fiber itself. The moisture gets drawn away from your skin into the fiber where it stays and finds perfect breeding ground for bacteria in a warm and humid environment. These bacteria start to smell musky and cause the unpleasant odor that so many women experience, it can cause skin irritations, in severe cases staph infections or even yeast infections. These bacteria are already found in gyms and on yoga mats and everywhere where people gather together, sweat and share equipment. Having the "stink!" trapped in my clothes is something I'd rather not think...

In cotton leggings these issues are avoided simply due to the fact that cotton can be washed in the machines over and over again. Cotton is by nature moisture wicking but it can also be washed with higher temperatures what truly dissolves the problem. Bacteria cannot get trapped in the fabric, that means the gym clothes smell will not occur in our cottonleggings!

What ultimately makes natural fiber the healthier choice for your body. 

What is pilling, and why does it occur?

Pilling is commonly known as the little balls that form when fabric rubs against fabric or rough surfaces. These loose fibers form tiny balls that cling to the fabric. The longer the fiber is that has been used in the making, the less pilling there is. Woven fabrics tent to pill less than knit fabrics, and yet to achieve the desired 4-way- stretch in leggings we have to use knit fabric in our product.

Thus, complete pilling in knit fabric is almost unavoidable due to the length of the fiber that is used during the production process. Pilling can be slowed down by avoiding fabric rubbing against fabric or rough surfaces. By wearing my leggings, I have noticed a slight pilling in the beginning where fabric rubs against fabric, eventually the pill will disappear in the wash and when the loose fiber is gone the pilling will stop completely.

I have no pilling on my leggings even after countless wash cycles. To avoid fabric rubbing against fabric in the wash completely, wash your leggings inside out. 

Most fabric will pill, cotton is no exception. The difference between both is that the little balls of pill that have been formed by the loose cotton will fall off, while in polyester fabric the weaker fiber forming the little balls cling to the stronger fiber, and never let go. This makes it difficult to remove pill from synthetic fiber and it will reoccur after every wash and wear. Anybody who dares to sit with a bathing suit on the pool deck will know what I mean. These pills are just stuck to your... Mind you, most of todays leggings are made of the same material than common bathing suits, Nylon for the better ones, Polyester for the lesser quality. Hiding the origin of the fiber behind fancy brand names will not change the fact that these leggings are just that, Nylon or Polyester/oil based, petroleum based, made of plastic pants, a perfect choice to protect your skin...

Why do I not offer black leggings?

Cotton leggings in bright colors and design are not available in todays market. The sole reason for Just for Colors is...well, colors. In fact the reason why I decided to open my own production line is, that I could not find colorful cotton leggings. Black leggings? Yes, that's out there, color, that is not!

I love leggings, I love color! What do I do when todays market only offers polyester that irritates my skin and becomes very uncomfortable? My skin relies on cotton or other sustainable fabric! Since todays legging market is controlled by polyester and nylon, were can I find colorful cotton leggings?

Back in the 80's when cotton was still available! But unfortunately I can't go back to the past and in the last 2 decades cotton leggings have completely disappeared! The athletic market has changed, my need for cotton leggings has not! A legging that I can wear all day every day, a legging that is comfortable from sun-up to sun-down. 

Now I can have cotton and color in leggings that are more comfortable than ever. I just had to start making these gems myself...End of story.

Any more questions?

I hope I could answer a few basic questions about my product. If you have anything else you want to ask, please feel free to contact me.




Anja Sutcliffe

Founder and owner of Just for Colors



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