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Just for Colors offers Quality Cotton Leggings in Women's Apparel. Everyday Leggings are designed for everyday wear in Everyday Life. Our fabric is designed and produced in the USA, and we manufacture our product in Costa Rica. Our goal is to offer quality cotton leggings that can be enjoyed for years to come.  

The high quality medium weight cotton, is specifically designed by and made for Just for Colors in the USA with a fiber content of 88% Cotton and 12% Lycra in a 4-way stretch fabric. My goal is to find the highest cotton content possible with as little synthetic as necessary to provide the perfect stretch for my leggings. I also wanted to be sure that my leggings are not transparent and keep their shape in every area of my body, hips, bottom, and legs, while not squeezing me like a sausage in areas were I don't want to be squeezed!

Our exclusive waistband is designed to hug your hips and gives you ultimate waistline stability without the 'muffin top'. The 3/4" non-roll elastic assures that your leggings stay in place where they belong, on your hips, and not down your knees. It gives just enough stability to compliment your natural shape, no shape-shifting---just shape, no gut-squeezing agony---just comfort. We don't want to be squeezed into shape, we want to feel good about the shape we are in. We want to be proud of our bodies! We want to feel beautiful!

Since childhood, I have relied on natural fiber and cotton truly became the fiber of my daily life. Polyester/Nylon clothing irritate my skin and while today's fashion industry is dominated by synthetic fibers, it has become virtually impossible  for me to find fashionable fun colorful leggings made of cotton. We are forced to wrap ourselves in plastic, and we don't allow our skin the natural ability to breathe.

Since I absolutely love leggings, and love colors and want leggings to be an essential part of my wardrobe, I found the only way to be able to find colorful, comfortable cotton leggings is to make them myself. Todays leggings market is flooded by synthetic fabrics and if I do find cotton leggings, they are black or maybe grey, and in listening to many women, I realized that I was not the only woman who is distraught by the thought that cotton leggings are just not readily available in a variety of colors. And women love color! 

Colors make us happy and happiness is good for the soul. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to my world of Cotton Leggings. Leggings I can wear with confidence, leggings that are colorful and joyful made with the awesome women in mind that wants to step out of the black and grey monochromatic world of cotton leggings into a colorful, diverse and unique world that makes your legs want to jump with joy...

Welcome to Just for Colors where cotton leggings are done right and quality is key!

Anja Sutcliffe

Founder of

Just for Colors  




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