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Feel The Comfort of Cotton in the Colors You Love.

Just for Colors, because you're beautiful!!

Our goal is to offer you the best, most comfortable cotton leggings in todays market!

We at Just for Colors, are a company that focuses on colors, cotton and comfort in women's leggings. We strive for highest quality in fabric and design down to every fiber of our leggings. 

The world of leggings is dominated by synthetic fabrics that forces our bodies into shape and makes us feel as if we are not allowed to breath. A modern day corset, that puts us into gut squeezing agony, molding us into a shape that feels unnatural to our bodies. We don't want to be squeezed into shape, we just want to be comfortable with who we are. No shapeshifting-just shape! 

Our own exclusive waistband design, assures your individual waistline comfort and stability without shifting your body into shape, but cradling your hips without creating the undesired muffin top.    

Why wrap yourself in plastic, when you can wear comfortable, cotton, that not only looks great but feels great. Today, the market is flooded with leggings, but the market for cotton leggings is flooded with black, gray and more black.

No color, no fun! This is about to change!

Just for Colors wants to change the look of cotton leggings and is offering you brilliant colors and tropical designs. #seecottonleggingsdifferently,

Leggings, that focus on everyday wear for a modern women's busy lifestyle. Leggings you don't want to take off, leggings you can dress up and dress down, leggings that are fun and comfortable all day long. Leggings that last for years and can be washed with every load, even gets softer with every wash and are guaranteed not to bleed. 

At Just for Colors we are committed to bring you cotton comfort with the highest quality in material and design, in fun and exhilarating colors. Our fabric is designed by and made for Just for Colors in the USA, which assures highest quality standards in fabric, dye and printing technology.

We are striving for our customers satisfaction and ask you to join us in our quest to offer the best. 

Let us know what you think! If you have any suggestions or if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us and together we can find a way to improve and make our leggings even better. Contact us at

Based out of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the New Leggings Revolution is about to begin, "We don't need to change our shape, we just want to be comfortable!" 

Anja Sutcliffe

Founder of 

Just for Colors

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